About Us

We are a community of laboratory professionals that satisfy criteria for essential CLIA personnel to small and moderate sized laboratories, including startup labs, POLs, core labs, limited service labs, and reference labs.

  • Laboratory Personnel

    Laboratory Personnel

    As an alternative to a recruiter or full-time employee, it is much less costly to go straight to the supply and much less costly to contract out the laboratory personnel rather than to employ a full-time person.
  • Assisted Staffing

    Assisted Staffing

    Even if you already have the personnel, a financially viable strategy may be to contract with laboratory personnel when intermittent projects (upcoming inspection, a lab in regulatory distress, new venture laboratory, the ​critical employee is ill or on vacation) overwhelm your current staff.
  • CLIA Service Providers

    If you are interested in being a contracted CLIA services provider (e.g. Pathologist, Technical Supervisor, Medical Laboratory Technician, etc), please fill out the form below.

  • Laboratory Services

    If you are a small or moderate sized laboratory ( core laboratory, limited services laboratory, physician office laboratory, reference laboratory, new venture laboratory), please fill out the form below.